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5 Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Her

Dec 23, 2015 2:31:05 PM

Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Her

Wedding anniversary is a great opportunity to show your love once again. The daily routine of our lives rarely allows us to find moments to reflect upon our love life. It’s really important to get some time off from your daily work schedule and spend those precious moments with your companion. But how many of us really do that? But when an occasion like wedding anniversary is round the corner, it gives you ample opportunities to make your spouse happy. Flowers do make a great romantic gift. You will be delighted to find out top 5 beautiful wedding anniversary flowers for her-

1. Red Roses – Since antique roses have been the traditional symbol of love and romance. These lovely flowers have always been used as the powerful epitome of everlasting bond between two lovers. Red roses easily fit the idea of gifting your loved one when some romantic occasion falls.

2. White Orchids-Orchids are one of the most gorgeous flowers which come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, from tiny blooms to very large ones. They come in dozens of colors which makes your color choices very easy. You can gift your wife a bouquet of mixed colored orchids. White orchids represent innocence and purity. A basket of white orchids with green long leaves will definitely prove an amazing gift for your wife.

3. White Daisies-These wildflowers are so common that almost everybody know them. They are lovely like roses but are less costly. Daisies symbolize loyalty to love and commitment. Gift your wife a bouquet of white daisies on your wedding anniversary to show your love and commitment.

4. Maroon Tulips- Maroon tulips are rare and mysterious. Sumptuous in beauty, maroon tulips are popular in people’s gardens and even in arrangements and bouquets. They have that hypnotizing royal charm that captures your attention and intrigues you to look closer or to admire them more intensely.

5. Lily of Valley- The lily flower represents purity and beauty. Lily flower is of different colors and based on their color they have different meanings. A white lily symbolizes modesty and virginity, orange lily represents passion, yellow lily shows gaiety whereas Easter lily is the symbol of Virgin Mary. But the most beautiful of them is lily of valley. These small white flowers can win  heart of anybody.

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