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Dec 23, 2015 2:18:45 PM

Christmas wedding bouquet_2

A wedding is always a happy occasion. It’s a beautiful and memorable union of two souls who promises to unite and live as one ‑ through good times and bad. But a wedding during the festive Holiday season can certainly bring that extra cheers and excitement. The cool weather brings about a sense of coziness to all the guests who are there to grace the special occasion, and the holiday spirit of togetherness undoubtedly adds more cheerfulness to the celebration.

Flowers in Winter:

Before we go into Christmas wedding flowers, it would be advantageous to know a little about the kind of flowers blooming in winter, or during the Holiday festive season. Some colorful winter flowers are Poinsettias, Roses, Tulips, Casablanca Lilies and Gerberas. The list also includes Narcissus, Anemone, Gardenias, Holly, Jasmine, Camellias, Amaryllis, Orchids, etc.

Tips & Bits on Christmas Wedding Flowers:

  • Round posies are popular as bridal bouquets. To come up with a gorgeous Christmas wedding bouquets, choose from the array of colors available with Tulips and Roses. This adorable and cute bunch can make an added impact into your wedding photos. White is popular, but you are choosing one, make sure they are not lost against the backdrop of your white gown in the photo by tying it with colorful and striking ribbon.
  • For a Christmas wedding flower ideas you can always incorporate some fun and festive flowers like the perfectly opened Amaryllis blossoms with a touch of red berries and holly. They make for a stunning bridal bouquets or even a striking red table centerpiece.
  • Your Christmas wedding bouquets will not only be an important part of your outfit, but also becomes the center of attraction, after you. Take extra care and make sure it is presented well. It should be in harmony with your wedding dress and shoes. While white or ivory roses are breathtaking, chic and adorable, you can always come up with a contrasting bouquet of red or violet flowers that would create an accent.
  • Remember that many beautiful spring flowers tend to be available even during the month of December. You can always check out for the gorgeous Tulips, Ranunculas or Anemones which comes in different shades of colors. They look stunning and can easily warm up any cold winter wedding if presented in a meticulous and careful manner.

A bouquet forms the centerpiece of any wedding. It could be striking and colorful, or subtle and inspiring. Coming up with the Best Christmas Wedding Flower Bouquets should not be an arduous task. If you have a good idea about the type of flowers, and then find out about the colors available with those flowers, that should give you a head start. Check out the assorted Christmas wedding flowers and bouquets delightfully displayed at florapassionindia.com. They are thoughtfully and meticulously arranged by professional florists and are popular for weddings and anniversaries.

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