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How to Make Your Christmas Eve Special

Dec 23, 2015 2:07:06 PM

How to Make Your Christmas Eve Special

The special celebration of Christmas has to begin from Christmas Eve. You can make your Christmas Eve special by decorating your house according to Christmas traditions and add in your own zing. There are a number of ways which can make Christmas Eve as special as the Big Day. You and your kids can involve in many activities and keep the fun rolling. Why don’t we jot down some ideas? Fun Christmas Games Fun Christmas games are a wonderful idea to keep the excitement level of the children high. Even adults can participate. Here are some Christmas game ideas.

Stocking Mystery You can fill up the stocking with ‘mystery things’ and make it pass among children. Children can touch, smell or hear the sounds inside the stockings to guess the objects within. You can put small cars, key chains, little stuffed toys and other trinkets. It is a very amusing game for everyone. Guess the Tune  Some holiday tunes can be played on the music system and children or adults should be made to guess the tunes. You can include some uncommon song tunes as well to make the game a little challenging. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer This game is similar to ‘put a tail on the donkey’. The person will be blindfolded and will be turned around a couple of times. There will be a picture of Rudolph without nose on the wall. The player needs to put the nose in the correct position. The person, who does it correctly or is the closest, wins points or prize.

Baking Fun on Christmas Eve Cakes, brownies, cookies- prepare and devour them with delight. Everyone likes to indulge in these delicacies at Christmas. These goodies can be prepared at home well in advance or on Christmas Eve. Offer it to your friends and bask in the glory of compliments. But do not forget to make your kids keep aside some cookies for Santa and carrots or perhaps a slice of carrot cake for the reindeer.

Visit the Neighbourhood Check out the houses in the neighbourhood which are brightly decorated from outside. Take a stroll on the Christmas Eve and enjoy the chill.

Watch a Christmas DVD Watching a movie with a Christmas theme is amusing. It is an opportunity for the whole family to come and enjoy a show while munching on Christmas goodies. Arthur Christmas, Bad Santa, Christmas in Love, Christmas in wonderland, Creepers Christmas, Deck the Hall, Happy Christmas are some of the Christmas themed movies one can check out.

Get Active and Involved The best and the most desirable thing one can do is to get involved in all the Christmas related activities happening in the neighbourhood. One can go for ice skating, drink hot chocolate, sing carols in the local church, check out the decorated Christmas fair and mart and also go to have a look at the decorated Christmas trees in the vicinity.

Make your Christmas Eve special by doing some online shopping of cakes, sweets, chocolates and flowers because this is the time you have one of the best offers and bargains. Merry Christmas!

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