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Promises Should be Kept

Dec 23, 2015 12:42:19 PM

Promise Day

Promises are not meant to be broken, they should be kept. A promise is probably made to infuse more trust on the words spoken. When someone makes a genuine promise, he intends to live by it and makes efforts to uphold it at any cost. Breaking a promise removes the trust factor and affects a relationship adversely. This Promise Day, in the Valentine’s week, send online Promise Day gifts and Promise Day flowers and express your true feelings to your loved one

 What Broken Promises Stand For

Broken promises stand for negligence and portray a feeling of careless attitude. Promises might be broken because of three reasons:

  • The person to whom the promise is made isn’t valued and is not the priority.
  • The promise itself was not made with an intention of keeping it.
  • The person who made the promise is trying to please too many people at the same time and miserable failing to do so.

Broken promises have severe repercussions. It stands for an eternal loss of trust on that person. The feeling of distrust which develops is certainly difficult to mend. It is perhaps the desire for acceptance and approval which pushes an individual to promise. But things have dangerous consequences if upholding promises meets with failure.

Fulfilled Promises-Flourishing Relationship

If you are prone to breaking promises then make them carefully. If you hold someone’s friendship in high esteem and truly respect them then do not make false promises to them. If you value your customer then don’t make commitments which you cannot fulfill or else the adverse effects will be beyond imagination. On the other hand when promises made to friends, relatives or customers are met, a wonderful relationship flourishes. Constant fulfilling of promises leads to a long term trust and togetherness.

Promises Made to Your Beloved

Like other promises, the ones made to your beloved are of high importance.  While laying the foundation of relationship with your prospective life partner, promises should be made with care. Promise Day roses are sent to show love. Promise rings are a wonderful and innovative gift to offer on this day. You can also send Promise day flowers and gifts to your beloved. Many online florists are doing a great job in getting the flowers, cakes and chocolates meant for this occasion, delivered at doorstep.

Promises are meant to be kept. After all, a man is worth his words. This Promise Day, fortify your words and act accordingly by buying online Promise Day flowers and Promise Day gifts for your beloved. And from this day onwards make and keep promises that truly rejuvenate your relationship.

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