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Variety of Flowers Blooming in Autumn

Dec 22, 2015 3:03:13 PM

There are some flowers that persist and bloom despite the onslaught of varying weather conditions and changes in season. Flowers such as carnation, lily, gerbera daisy, chrysanthemum, etc. are not particularly affected by the changing climate. But most flowers and plants in nature are season-specific. Different plants flower during different season. Autumn, also known as Fall in some countries, constitute one of the 4 seasons that occur in a year.

Autumn is that time of the year when leaves begin to fall after enduring the harsh summer heat. One can come across dry leaves and twigs lying everywhere. During this season, most plants take cover in anticipation of the approaching chilly winter. But for some plants, Autumn can be a time for bringing out some of the very best in them. Various beautiful flowers reach their full potential during this season.

Out of the many, here are just 5 popular autumn flowers:

Taken from a Greek word, “chrysos” meaning “gold” and “anthemon” meaning “flower”, Chrysanthemum plants are native to Asia and parts of Europe. These flowering plants bloom in late summer and autumn. Also called “Chrysanths” or “mums” in short, there are around 40 known species. They blossom in colorful display of red, white, yellow, pink, etc.

Known for their flashy bloom, these flowers thrive in warm to tropical climate conditions. Also known as “rose mallow”, each flower projects five or more large petals. They come in different colors, from orange to red, pink, white, yellow, etc.

Usually grown in big gardens, they are considered trees and features alternately arranged dark evergreen leaves. With 5 or more large white petals, these flowering plants thrive under high rainfall and flourish through winter.

Most prevalent in eastern and central North America, these flowers starts blooming in late summer through autumn. Found in moist to dry plains, they attract insects, bees and butterflies. Some species of these are used as herbal medicines.

Native to Mexico and also their national flower, species of these flowers are also found in many other parts of the world. They blossom in late summer through autumn and come in variety of colors. There are 42 known species of dahlias.

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